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This is a very deadly problem, the glider will literally chew themselves to death. Although there has not been a single cause for this problem, it is deadly. There are several reasons for this, For both males and females, it could be stress, urinary tract infection, parasites or a fungus, for females we can add a possible yeast infection, for males we can add sexual frustration, over masturbation. These causes are not the only findings, but at least it is a start. By the time a vet gets to see them, much damage has already been done. A vet exam immediately is necessary, if possible an E- collar made of x-ray film with a double layer of moleskin, to protect the edges around the neck, and make it tight enough that they can't get out, but not too tight as to choke them. I suggest staying in the vets office for an hour, to be sure the glider keeps it's collar on. Many times the collar is off by the time the people reach their home. We are currently working with a few vets to find a med. that will keep them from chewing on it. -Bourbon


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This site is just being started. It will have stories, message boards, and medical information about self mutilators. It is part of a research effort being performed by a group of laymen and professions alike to help treat, stop, and perhaps one day prevent self mutilation. We will have public and private message boards and databases so information can flow freely among interested glider lovers. Please check with this site often and share your ideas or just follow the information. If you know of anyone with a glider that mutilates itself, please have them contact us as all available information is priceless.

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If you have a Glider that is showing signes of self-mutilation, please call on of the following people.

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